BCCDC releases map of risk areas where people could contract Lyme disease

Lyme disease areas listed

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control has updated its information on Lyme disease in the province.

The agency has published a map of the areas considered risk zones for Lyme disease.

“It’s certainly an update, and contradicts much of what doctors have been telling patients throughout the province for years,” said Jim Wilson, president and founder of the Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation.

Wilson says the BCCDC was behind the times and he’s glad to see they have updated their information.

“Saying these areas are not at risk for Lyme disease (in the past), is just not the case and hasn’t been the case for decades.”

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Wilson, a patient himself, states the main reason for the long-overdue update was due to pressure by his organization.

And this, my friends, is the only way we make progress.  By doing it ourselves.

Wilson also warns that an important underlying issue that isn’t being discussed is the fact ticks are possibly everywhere due to migrating birds transporting them globally.  He states Revelstoke, Golden, and Banff which aren’t highlighted by the BCCDC map should be.

Please check out prevention and removal methods on his website, as well as many other resources.

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