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Toronto woman shares encounter with dozens of ticks in her suburban backyard

A relaxing afternoon reclining in her backyard with her dogs should have been just that — relaxing. Little did Michelle Snider know, however, they were also entertaining some unwanted, blood-sucking company: ticks she says — coming from her own backyard, in the suburban Long Branch area in west Toronto.

“I was literally picking six, seven of them off my dogs in a day,” said Snider. “And then they came into the house, and then I’m finding them on me, I had three on my back, one on my shoulder, one on my hip when I woke up.”

Snider took to Facebook to warn others of the ticks, posting video of the ones that latched onto her and her dog. She says she’s never seen them as bad as they have been this year. (See link for article)



  • Rising tick numbers coincides with rising Lyme/MSIDS cases (remember Lyme is just the tip of the spear and ticks transmit 90+ infections and can reactivate latent infections).
  • 68-80% of ticks in specific Canadian locations carry Lyme while it’s lower in other areas.
  • Toronto Public Health states infection risk is low in Toronto, but then goes on to state the city has just begun tick surveillance for this year. I call this doublespeak. Ticks are everywhere – take measures!
  • The “expert” predictably blames the climate when ticks are impervious to weather and are ecoadaptive.
  • Snider has breakdown moments when she wants to move into a hotel to avoid the ticks.

While Wisconsin in 6th (per data from 1990-2019) in the nation for Lyme and a hot spot for Powassan and a virtual tick hotel, I do believe it’s far worse on the Eastern seashore. This 21st century plague does not get the attention and respect it deserves and people are in harms way in their own backyard, at the park, beach, deck, cave, rocks, on and underneath picnic tables and benches, and even in the cracks in the sidewalk.  Yep, it’s bad.

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