Tick Check!


Tick Check!

The #TickCheckChallenge is an interactive challenge created to help educate and protect kids (and adults!) from Lyme Disease and other debilitating tick-borne diseases. Only 1 in 10 kids performs a tick check after spending time outside. We want that to change.

Made especially for kids, our tick check song and video walks kids step-by-step through a proper tick check and does it in a way that is FUN and ENGAGING. When kids come in from the outdoors, they sing this CATCHY song (trust us, it’s going to stick in your head!) and check their bodies for ticks.

They’ll have so much fun with it – they might not realize it’s actually an educational tool.

We’re inviting you – no matter your age! – to get in front of the camera and record yourself performing your own interpretation of a proper tick check. Participating in the #TickCheckChallenge brings not only light-hearted fun but also an important opportunity to spread tick prevention awareness. Teaching kids to protect themselves – in a way that is FUN & ENGAGING – is POWERFUL and can PROTECT and SAVE lives.

Show us how you CHECK FOR TICKS! ⭐ TAKE THE #TICKCHECKCHALLENGE: bit.ly/3gC4n3n ⭐

CREDITS: Written and performed by Louis and Dan and the Invisible Band Produced by Invisible International and PA Lyme Resource Network Music Video directed by Louis Epstein Shot and edited by Chris Flicek Starring Julia Strand as “The Tick”

Visit https://palyme.org/tick-check-challen… to learn more about tick and Lyme disease awareness – and take the #tickcheckchallenge​!

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