The first major deadline to stop the WHO power grab is May 22, 2022 before their meeting in Geneva.

The first and most urgent assault on liberty and self-government involves a series of 13 controversial amendments being proposed by the Biden administration to the WHO’s so-called International Health Regulations (IHR). The details of the amendments were only released publicly — and very quietly — about a month ago.

WHO & Global Predators Plot Global “Health” Tyranny

The United Nations World Health Organization and the “global predators” behind it are plotting to further empower the WHO to become a proto-global health regime, warns Harvard-educated psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin in this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine. The changes to the WHO’s International Health Regulations, which were proposed by the Biden administration, would hand vast new powers to the global health bureaucracy, including the power to act without a nation’s consent. This will pass “unless there’s an outrage that stops it dead in it’s tracks.”
Dr. Breggin warned.
Dr. Breggin and his wife wrote the book “COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Pray”
Go here for an article that spells out how the WHO has planned for 10 years of infectious diseases, from 2020-2030 and see powerful videos spotlighting the perpetrators, proving COVID is a false pandemic created for political purposes.
Go here for an excellent short interview with German attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich where he explains how the WHO needed COVID cases to get this whole ball rolling. They got their cases fraudulently by using a PCR test at 45 cycles of amplification which gives over a 90% false positive rate, but this corruption doesn’t bother the WHO.  They wanted cases and they got them.  Even the president of Tanzania (RIP) comically proved the worthlessness of the test back in 2020, and an Austrian lawmaker tested cola for COVID-19 and it too was predictably positive.
In fact, COVID tests are being regularly recalled due to contamination, lack of data, and inaccuracies.
Yet, the drum beats on.  Truth, data, and ethics don’t matter.
The WHO, and other corrupt pubic health ‘authorities’ will stoop as low as it takes to create ‘pandemics’ to get the ball rolling for lucrative vaccines and drugs that they all have vested interests in.  Do not trust them at all. The proposed amendments would give the WHO virtually unlimited power to declare pandemics, quarantining villages and nations, locking down societies, and forcing medical “treatments” such as ‘vaccines’ and dangerous and ineffective drugs like remdesivir.
But, it doesn’t stop there.
Once an emergency is declared, the WHO can partner with other corrupt global agencies such as the UN to oversee food, agriculture, aviation, the environment and much more. The COVID ‘pandemic’ has allowed us to clearly see how easily it is to muzzle doctors, force them to follow dictates by bureaucrats, and keep them from practicing medicine – a phenomenon Lyme/MSIDS patients already must contend with.
Further, a WHO whistleblower states the WHO:
“issues directives that were totally not commensurate to the situation.”
“They are so sneaky,” she said. “They are going to take the instrument that will be adopted the quickest, and the instrument likely to be adopted the quickest is the International Health Regulations.”
We have to be liberated from the United Nations,” said Stuckelberger before urging everyone to contact their elected officials, attorneys, and others in a bid to derail the WHO power grab. ~ Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger

Sign this Petition support H.R. 419 to defund the WHO and its power grab which violates the U.S. Constitution and our freedoms.

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