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In honor of Lyme Disease Awareness Month, the latest issue of the Lyme Times is open-access–freely available to all.
This special issue offers excerpts of 12 important Lyme-related books.
Topics range from personal experience with Lyme and co-infections, to physician advice about different treatments, the history of Lyme disease, how Lyme can affect the brain, and subjects related to Lyme in children.

Download Posters & Brochures for Lyme Disease Awareness Month Activities  Posters Here

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BOGO Sale for Lyme documentaries: Under Our Skin, and Emergence

It’s Lyme Disease Awareness Month

And our big DVD BOGO Blowout Sale!

This year we continue our advocacy and educational efforts to help spread awareness about Lyme disease. The month of May only we’re donating one free DVD for every DVD purchased of UNDER OUR SKIN or its sequel EMERGENCE. Use these free DVDs to help educate friends, family, physicians and policymakers. Buy one get one free; buy two get two free, and so on. We’ll automatically double your order–the tab’s on us. And if you have a great idea to use our DVDs to educate on a large scale, we can donate in bulk–just let us know your idea. Act now–offer ends May 31st!
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