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Promising Lyme Antibiotics in Development

There are two recent antibiotic discoveries that could change the course of Lyme disease treatment. One of these is Azlocillin and the other is Hygromycin A.

  • Azlocillin is an FDA approved antibiotic shown in laboratory experiments, including mouse experiments, to effectively treat persister phase and growth phase Lyme. You can read more about persisters in [11] Lyme Infection. There is one hitch—no pharmaceutical company currently produces this medication. This may change in the next couple of years as a company called FlightPath is working to bring this to market. While mouse experiments and other science experiments look promising, we will have to see what human studies eventually show.
  • Hygromycin A is a substance found in soil that targets Lyme spirochetes and does not appear to target other bacteria—so it should not disturb the intestinal microbiome. No experiments to date have been published that determine if it will also treat persister phase Lyme. FlighPath is also developing this novel therapeutic. However, because it is not US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, it could take eight years or more to bring this to market. FlightPath must first perform the required laboratory and clinical studies to get FDA approval.

Lyme Protocol

For current treatment options that may speed your Lyme recovery see The Ross Lyme Support Protocol

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