Success of Prescription & Alternative Medicine Lyme Treatments

By Dr. Mary Ross

In my Lyme Q&A webinars and my clinical practice at Marty Ross MD Healing Arts, I answer questions about which treatments work best to recover from chronic Lyme.

Which prescription or herbal antibiotics really work for chronic Lyme disease and how long do they take? What about alternative medicine Lyme disease treatments like:

  • Rife machines,
  • stem cell therapy,
  • ozone,
  • hyperbaric oxygen,
  • hyperthermia,
  • supportive oligonucleotide therapy (SOT),
  • low dose immunotherapy (LDI), or
  • IV hydrogen peroxide?

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Dr. Ross states that in the past he would have had to rely solely upon his clinical experience to address the issue of what works in treating Lyme/MSIDS as the NIH stopped funding clinical research on Lyme disease treatments over 15 years ago and only had studies looking at short term antibiotic use of three months or less.

In this article; however, he utilizes not only his clinical experience but that of MyLymeData, a registry of over 12,000 patients who submit information about their experience with treatment.  Learn more or sign up to participate in MyLymeData at

In brief:

  • 76% of those that got well used prescription antibiotics but that this took a year or more to accomplish.
  • patients did best when working with an ILADS trained doctor
  • patients found numerous other alternative therapies helpful (see Ross’ article for the breakdown)
  • Dr. Ross states that the results match his clinical experience 
  • Ross also found that hyperthermia benefits lasted only 2-3 months
  • Ross’ review of the science leads him to believe that ozone, hydrogen peroxide and other oxygen therapies do not kill germs due to anti-oxidants in the blood working as killing neutralizers, but that patients often feel better due to helping the mitochondria.  
  • Ross feels stem cell therapy is an expensive disappointment.
  • He finds those using Rife get benefit 35% of the time.
  • He feels CBD from cannabis is not a good germ killer in humans but that it can treat symptoms.
  • He is skeptical of both SOT and LDI.
  • He also lists many other issues Lyme/MSIDS patients experience (please see article)

All in all, a great informative article.  I’m so thankful whenever doctors write about their clinical experience as there is so little out there on what works. The fact that patients and Dr. Ross are stating the same things is also quite helpful and fruitful.  

We may not have NIH funded studies but we have experience on our side.  

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