A case of Bartonella henselae native valve endocarditis presenting with crescentic glomerulonephritis

Received 8 June 2021, Revised 29 November 2021, Accepted 15 December 2021, Available online 16 December 2021. rights and content
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Bartonella endocarditis is often an elusive diagnosis, usually derived from evaluating multiple laboratory tests and assessment of presenting symptoms. Herein we describe a case of Bartonella henselae native mitral valve endocarditis with an initial presentation of volume overload and renal failure. The Bartonella organism is tedious to isolate from culture medium, causing most diagnoses to be delayed. Due to the destructive nature of B. henselae endocarditis, the need for rapid identification remains prudent. This therefore creates an opportunity for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to be used. We further summarize the varied presentations that may be associated with B. henselae endocarditis, and hope that this will heighten the clinicians’ awareness of this entity when presented with acute onset renal failure and culture negative vegetations.

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