Recovery From Lyme: Microbes Causing Mental Illness

Infections can cause a host of mental health disorders.

By Dr. Kinderlehrer


  • Lyme Disease was identified in Europe in 1909. It was coined Lyme disease in rural Connecticut in 1975.
  • A single tick attachment can result in the transmission of a handful of different microbes.
  • The most common cause of death in folks with Lyme disease is suicide.

Back in the old days—that is, 20 years ago—those of us treating chronic Lyme disease had either suffered from Lyme disease ourselves or had a close relative who was infected. That includes me—the story of what happened to me is described in the book Recovery From Lyme: The Integrative Medicine Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Tick-Borne Illness . Having suffered the ravages of Lyme, I have a very personal perspective on these illnesses.

When Lyme was “discovered” in Lyme, Connecticut, the lead researcher was a rheumatologist. That made sense because they were investigating an outbreak of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, a fairly uncommon autoimmune rheumatologic disorder. The researchers did accurately identify that these kids did not have JRA, but rather an illness transmitted by a deer tick.

What they did not appreciate was the occurrence of neurological issues. In fact, Lyme Disease was identified in Europe as far back as 1909, and there were numerous reports in the European medical literature of neurological complications associated with this infection. (See link for article)



Wonderful article by Dr. Kinderlehrer, yet another doctor who has traveled personally on the Lyme/MSIDS journey.  In my opinion, doctors and researchers personally afflicted by this plague(s) are on a whole different playing field as they truly “get it.”   He points out:

  • The PTLDS myth
  • Ticks are “cesspools” of numerous bugs besides Lyme
  • Patients with numerous pathogens have worse symptoms making it harder to treat
  • There is a whole lot more going on besides infections as well
  • A nurse patient of his with a multitude of symptoms whose husband thought she was “nuts”, but became a believer after she improved on treatment for Lyme/MSIDS and addressed her imbalances. She is in full remission and off all meds
  • Pathogens can cause debilitating psychiatric symptoms and mental illness
  • For those with Lyme disease complex, the most common cause of death is suicide

Dr. Kinderlehrer will be writing on PANS/PANDAS and eating disorders next.

The Lyme/MSIDS community is blessed to have doctors such as this who choose to use their knowledge of medicine and their personal journey to help vulnerable patients the rest of mainstream medicine has abused, ignored, and left for dead.

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