Study Shows COVID-19 Patients With Gum Disease 9 Times More Likely to Die

Feb. 3, 2021

by European Federation of Periodontology (EFP)


COVID-19 patients are at least three times more likely to experience complications if they also have gum disease, according to research published today in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology,1 the official publication of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP).

The study of more than 500 patients with COVID-19 found that those with gum were 3.5 times more likely to be admitted to , 4.5 times more likely to need a ventilator, and almost nine times more likely to die compared to those without gum disease.

Blood markers indicating inflammation in the body were significantly higher in COVID-19 patients who had gum disease compared to those who did not, suggesting that inflammation may explain the raised complication rates. (See link for article)



Interestingly, masks can cause gum disease.


“Gum disease — or periodontal disease — will eventually lead to strokes and an increased risk of heart attacks,” Marc Sclafani, a dentist and co-founder of One Manhattan Dental, told the New York Post about “mask mouth,” which is increasingly causing inflammation and gum disease among patients.

Another dentist and co-founder at One Manhattan Dental, Rob Ramondi, said 50% of his patients are suffering from negative health issues due to mask-wearing.

Masks have also been linked to chronic diseases like lung disease and cancer.

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