Cloth Masks Are Useless Against COVID-19

 Approx. 13 Min.
Lisa Brosseau, ScD, is a nationally recognized expert on infectious diseases. Brousseau taught for many years at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She may be retired from the university, but she’s not retired from teaching. She recently cowrote an opinion piecethat drew a lot of notice: In it Brousseau argues that cloth masks offer no protection from COVID-19. As one might imagine, it drew a lot of attention and caused a fair amount of controversy. She recently sat down with Infection Control Today®to talk about her strong feelings about cloth masks and that data she used to reach her conclusions. (See link for article)
I’m so thankful more and more qualified infectious disease experts are speaking out on the madness of face-mask wearing.
Brousseau recommends social distancing, while others have stated should only be done by the elderly and infirm:
More on face masks:

Cahill is looking at legal action against the Irish government for making policy that is harming people.  She states that there should be a public debate which includes not only those making policy but scientists who thinks like she does to hold authorities accountable.  We should do the same.

Most importantly she states we should make sure that this NEVER happens again.  I concur.  Get a copy of “Virus Mania,” and you will see that there has been a historical trend which rose to a fever-pitch draconian policy with COVID-19, but it’s been done many times before. Our grandmas were right: A virus just runs its course.

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