Try These Alternatives Instead of Wasting Your Time on a Detox

Beth Skwarecki
We don’t have to tell you that 2020 was a terrible year. We can’t promise 2021 will be any better, but this week, we’re sharing our best strategies to help you reboot your life and start clean.

By now we all know that new year “detoxes” and “resets” don’t detox or reset anything. Depending on which you choose, they are either unsustainable diets or pure pseudoscience—often a mix of both. And yet, they still appeal.

A “detox” in 2021 may be a week’s worth of smoothies and juices, often guided by a guru who makes big promises about how amazing you’ll feel after you spend a week drinking what you’ve purchased from them. Or it may be a challenge to eliminate certain foods from your diet—no sugar, for example. Whatever the mechanics, these are all restrictive diets branded as self-care.  (See link for article)



Sometimes the simplest things are truly the best.

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