Another FREE Webinar: “Genetic Predispositions to EMF Sensitivity and Personalized Interventions”

By B.N. Frank

Last month the National Academies of Sciences reported that American Embassy workers in China and Cuba were injured by microwave radiation exposure.  The cause may not have been from weapons.

Microwave Sickness is also sometimes referred to as “EMF Sensitivity” or Electrosensitivity.  Many doctors don’t evaluate patients for this.  Of course, without an evaluation, patients won’t know whether or not they are suffering from it or not.  Got pets?  Exposure can affect them too! (See link for article)



The Webinar is January 7, 2021.  Register here:

Topic: Genetic Predispositions to EMF Sensitivity and Personalized Interventions with Bob Miller
In this free webinar Bob Miller will show how genetic mutations in Calcium Voltage Channels, Glutathione, Catalase, SOD, IL-6 and others can lead to increased sensitivity to EMF, and how to create a custom compounded formula to compensate.
Time:  Jan 7, 2021 05:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)
This Webinar is sponsored by Functional Genomic Analysis, GOLD Sponsor of the EMF Medical Conference 2021.
EMF exposure can:  

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