COVID-19 Confirmed What We Already Knew from Lyme Disease

Robert Bransfield, MD

Although Lyme disease and COVID-19 are caused by different pathogens with different transmission, the approach to COVID was a repetition of experiences with Lyme disease. We saw the following:

  • healthcare policies often fail with emerging diseases
  • CDC disease statistics, antibody testing, and case definitions can be misleading
  • many disease diagnostic and treatment guidelines are flawed
  • peer reviewed articles in prestigious journals can be fraudulent
  • flawed randomized controlled trials can create a fool’s gold standard
  • politicians make catastrophic, fatal, errors with healthcare policies
  • money and politics corrupt science and medicine
  • treating patients cannot be delayed waiting for a vaccine

Emerging diseases can best be overcome by recognizing we can learn the most from our patients, community doctors who treat patients know more than bureaucrats, we need to give significant consideration to the clinical judgment of front line physicians, and chronic and relapsing infection occurs and must be recognized.




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