Sept. 4, 2020

One America News Network

A new study from medical researchers at UCLA and Stanford University found the chances of contracting or dying from coronavirus are much lower than previously thought. One America’s Pearson Sharp has the details.

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The UCLA/Stanford study: (This is a pre-print and it has not been peer-reviewed)

Another article about the study showing graphs, etc.:


‘We get these really large counts of deaths, and very large counts of cases, and they all seem to be growing, but what does that matter to me is not really answered by those questions.’  

Even at [the pandemic’s] peak, except for very few places, the severe events were pretty rare events.  

‘The perception given all of the data and the images and the emergencies, the war metaphors, the uncertainty, the lack of control, these were all factors that I think elevated the perception of risk.  Dr Rajiv Bhatia

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