Be aware: tick bites can cause Lyme disease, says survivor

Connexion reader Margaret Alderson, 76, says everyone should be aware of tick bites and how they can carry Lyme disease, which is extremely debilitating and often goes undiagnosed – as happened to her.

4 September 2020Connexion reader Margaret Alderson and her husband John in a garden.Margaret Alderson shares her struggle with Lyme disease. By Connexion Journalist

Lyme disease in France: Margaret’s story

After retiring from her job co-ordinating the Erasmus scheme for Middlesex University, she moved to Segonzac in the Dordogne with her husband John, from Ware, Hertfordshire in 2005. She was in excellent health until two years ago when in August 2018, she suddenly fell ill.

“I had dreadful pains in my chest and arm,” she said.

“I thought I was having a heart attack or a stroke. An ECG and blood test at my local A&E revealed that was not the case and I recovered with hefty painkillers. A month later, it happened again but was much worse. My hands would not work and I could hardly walk. Another ECG test showed there were no heart problems. I then saw a neurologist who diagnosed trapped nerves in my elbows and a scoliosis specialist who thought it was a back problem. He wanted to give me a major operation to put rods in my spine.”  (See link for article)




40 years and this is where we are still at.

After using this poor woman’s experience, they tout the upcoming Valneva Lyme vaccine.  Please read this article about concerns:


The OspA based LYMErix vaccine was problematic with 1000+ adverse reactions and ongoing severe complications. According to the US government, the LYMErix vaccine had many health risks and was quite ineffective. Nevertheless, the biotech company Valneva appears to be using a similar OspA-based technology for their VLA15 Lyme vaccine.

So there you have it.  Lyme patients have waited patiently for over 40 years for basically ZERO help from mainstream medicine.  You still need to be tested by CLIA certified labs that are outside mainstream testing AND you still need to see specially trained ILADS (Lyme literate) doctors if you want to regain your health.  Both of these endeavors are typically going to cost patients ‘out of pocket.’ There is very little help or hope from mainstream medicine.  BTW: this type of testing and treatment are maligned by ‘authorities’.  

The deck is stacked and appears to remain stacked against the ever-growing number of infected.
Little has changed in Lyme-land.