Department of Health: Lyme disease, COVID-19 share symptoms
Robert Inglis/The Daily Item Ronald Keister of Laurelton recently contracted Lyme disease from a tick bite.
Ronald Keister late last month started feeling muscle and joint aches and developed a low-grade fever, making him wonder if he somehow contracted COVID-19.
The Laurelton resident, worried that his wife who has health problems was in danger, called his doctor to ask if he should be tested for the novel coronavirus. He was told to wait two days to see if the fever would go up; in the meantime, he and his wife noticed a big red welt on his shoulder. Keister had Lyme disease.
“We have woods out back, and I’m out there all the time,” said Keister. “I’ve had ticks before, and had no problems. I never saw the tick on this one.”