On top of the current coronavirus pandemic, some in Granville are facing another serious health threat from Lyme disease-carrying deer ticks.

Kimberly Byce and family live in “northern Granville,” which in their case is less than a mile from the corner of Broadway and Pearl.

Her husband, Trent Beers, is currently being treated for his second case of Lyme disease in about a year.

Their sons, Arbor, 4, and Abbott, 6, have also been treated for Lyme disease.

In September, Kimberly is expecting delivery of some guinea fowl that will live on their property.

The birds are a next step in trying to combat deer ticks around their home.

“The (hens) will live in the woods,” Kimberly explained, sitting on her deck behind her house July 14. “I’m told they will leave the landscape alone, but they eat ticks. At this point I’m willing to try anything. Because I feel a prisoner to my deck.”

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While people are paralyzed by fear of a virus that will run its course no matter what we do, there is a real danger lurking in their backyards they can actually do something about.

For more:  https://madisonarealymesupportgroup.com/2019/04/12/tick-prevention-2019/

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