by Ben Swann

FB’s so called “fact checkers” have struck again, claiming that my report on the science that proves that wearing facemasks, especially in non-medical settings does almost nothing to prevent the spread of a virus, is false… citing that it was based on old information.

Now, I’m reporting on a new study created in conjunction with the World Health Organization and published by the CDC from less than 60 days ago that once again proves that there is no evidence that wearing face masks in public prevents the spread of flu-like viruses.

I’m also going to show you why the Facebook fact-checking system cannot be trusted.

Link to the CDC published study. This study was conducted in preparation for the development of guidelines by the World Health Organization on the use of nonpharmaceutical interventions for pandemic influenza in nonmedical settings.

This study was supported by the World Health Organization.

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Despite this, WI Governor Evers just issued a statewide mandate:  Once again, he states he’s “following the science.” Violating the mask order could result in a fine up to $200. The order is here:

There are a number of exemptions listed.

Almost all science being used against Lyme patients is old – but that doesn’t seem to bother ‘authorities’ at all – why is it different for face masks?  Answer that question and you begin to understand that this is all a big scam and not about health at all.

For more:  Research on face masks within.

I encourage you to write the representatives on how cloth masks do not work (the virus is much smaller than the fibers on the mask) and actually increases your risk of infection due to particle size, frequent handling, reuse, and improper fit.