Updates in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Resistant Lyme and Chronic Disease

(Used with permission from Dr. Horowitz)

Lyme & TBD Congressional Town Meeting

May 29, 2019

Dr. Richard Horowitz



The above link of a pdf by Dr. Horowitz is chuck-full of information.  For those of you who are just beginning this journey, this Lyme/MSIDS treating doctor has written numerous books I highly recommend.  He has many ideas & suggestions for why many do not get better.  He also is the one who came up with the MSIDS questionnaire, which you can access here:

The questionnaire is validated & does a much better job of diagnosis than current 2-tiered testing: link also has other links with information Dr. Horowitz given including his research on mycobacterium drugs)


This is the first item I recommend to patients suspecting tick-borne illness.  I tell them to print it off, fill it out, and take it to their doctor appointment.