Approx. 18 min.  July 6, 2020

Breaking Down Covid-19 by Dr. Victory

Dr. Victory is a straight-shooter who lays it all out simply without fanfare or politics.  Listen if you want to be encouraged and led away from the fear you are constantly being given by mainstream media and ‘authorities’.

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Then for an audio-version of things I’ve posted already on the ineffectiveness of face-masks, Dr. Popper goes through the research in this video:


Approx. 14 Min.

July 30, 2020

Besides going over the research stating masks do not work, she also hits on the over-the-top disinfecting going on.  I’ve witnessed this first hand at various stores who grab the cart from you with complete fear in their eyes as if you’ve just wiped it down with the Bubonic Plague.  Popper cites studies on the CDC website, particularly one that shows passive contact with bleach (what they are wiping the carts down with) was associated with a major increase in self-reported influenza.  

Most importantly she states that in a second round of aid hospitals will be paid, under the Cares Act, $50,000 per eligible COVID patient admission – showing hospitals have a financial incentive (conflict of interest) to diagnose people with COVID, similarly to the financial incentives given here:  Hospitals, BTW, are hurting financially due to the fact they are mainly empty and have cut out many services due to COVID.  Dr. Jensen, the senator who revealed this, is now under fire from the state medical board:

I just learned the great news that the investigation has been dropped:


The press release said on July 27, the board “completed a thorough investigation and dismissed the allegations,” according to Jensen.

“We are all entitled to our own reasoning. In a nation built on free speech, this right must be protected,” he said in the release. “I was forced to respond to allegations from accusers I could not face. These people threatened to uproot my practice, my profession, and my life. But cancel culture didn’t win this time.”

Lyme doctors go through this ring of fire constantly due to their clinical treatment of Lyme/MSIDS which is outside the CDC “guidelines” which are actual mandates.  For more:,
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