Lyme, and Not the Fruit: The Battle of the Tick and How I’m Not Letting It Win

By Peyton N. Leonard, author, composer, actress

Kindle Edition

Lyme sucks! Many struggle with ways to handle it – understandably. Lyme is the fifth most common disease in the U.S. and the only treatment is antibiotics, which don’t always kick it in the butt. Many suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, and downright hopelessness. I certainly would know, but God, my family, and the different techniques I’ve learned have all helped me to persevere. I hope this book will encourage you to do the same.



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Go here:  https://www.amazon.com/Lyme-Not-Fruit-Battle-Letting-ebook/dp/B01J9EQFPG

For more on Peyton: https://peytonnaomileonard.com/about

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