Global Lyme Alliance and Ranger Ready Repellents recently hosted a webinar, “Ticksand Lyme Disease: Information for the Family.” The webinar is part of GLA & Ranger Ready Repellents partnership & combined mission to stem the alarming increase of Lyme disease through education and awareness.

Mayla Hsu, Ph.D., Director of Science and Research for GLA joined Ranger Ready Founder and CEO, Chris L. Fuentes, to give helpful tips on how the whole family can safely enjoy the outdoors.

Dr. Hsu & Fuentes addressed common misconceptions regarding ticks and Lyme disease.

Your backyard is probably the most likely place to be bitten by a tick or bring a tick into your house,” said Fuentes.

View the full webinar below.

Approx. 36 Min.



So thankful they discussed migrating birds as research has shown they are prolific carriers of ticks:

They recommend against having bird feeders in your yard due to this.

They also mention gardening and the need to where permethrin on your clothing and things like picaradin on your skin.

They state ticks can be located higher up on trees and bushes because squirrels and birds bring these ticks with them. This man states he got infected on a patio deck due to an overhanging tree:

They also mention pets.  They call dogs “tick taxis.”  Never allow them on your bed and furniture.  Also consider car seats:

I appreciated the video on how to apply repellent. Wearing a tucked in undershirt is smart (albeit hot!) as well as long white socks, tucking pants into the socks.  Make sure to also spray shoes. I make everyone strip clothing off in garage, and then put all clothing into dryer on high for 20 min.  Then, take a shower when coming indoors.  You will need to apply permethrin onto clothing the day before use so there is plenty of time to dry. Spray ALL clothing, hats, socks, pants, shirts, etc.  Picaradin is for your skin that you apply before you head outside.  You need both types of repellents.

When talking about ticks – she states, “you can squash it.”  Please, do not touch the tick if you squash it as you could potentially become infected this way.  Many recommend testing the tick.  Some states will do this free for residents.  Unfortunately, Wisconsin does NOT do this.

More on Tick Prevention:

More on Ranger Ready:  They state their product lasts for 12 hours against ticks and mosquitoes. (I have no affiliation with this company)

5 steps in removing a tick:

Tick testing:





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