man with lyme infection looking up in woods

Some medical professionals and their patients have dismissed Lyme disease, believing the prevalence and potential damage a Lyme infection can cause is over-exaggerated. But what happens if your family is directly affected? A researcher from the University of Pennsylvania shares his story “Lemons and Lyme” in the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society.

“One day, when traveling in California for a meeting, I received a call informing me that one of my sons, then aged 39, had been walking his dog when he collapsed into unconsciousness with a heart rate of 35/minute and had been taken to a local hospital,” writes Plotkin.¹ A Lyme infection was suspected.

His son was diagnosed immediately by a cardiologist familiar with Lyme disease.

“My son Alec received a pacemaker and, of course, an intravenous antibiotic,” writes Plotkin. “Fortunately, he has recovered, but his experience convinced me that a cavalier attitude towards Lyme infection is misplaced.”


“An aspect of Alec’s case is instructive in that he was not exposed in the woods or someplace where ticks are an obvious hazard but within sight of his own house.

Some people don’t get Lyme disease until they GET Lyme disease.

  1. Plotkin SA. Lemons and Lyme. J Pediatric Infect Dis Soc. 2018;7(4):267-269



I’m thankful this medical professional had the cajoles to admit this.  In time, the treatment of Lyme/MSIDS will get the proper attention it deserves – if only due to the fact it is going to affect so many people it will become undeniable.  

Another important point is that this man’s son was treated with IV antibiotics – a treatment that has been put unfairly under the microscope and bad-mouthed by “authorities”:  In short, the CDC cherry-picked 5 cases that had poor outcomes using IV therapy and then wrote a paper scaring the bejesus out of doctors. They clearly wanted to send a strong message to doctors that this therapy is unsafe.

What’s interesting about the MMWR paper is that one of the authors, a CDC epidemiologist, allegedly solicited IDSA doctors for evidence of harm from IV antibiotic treatments, essentially bribing them by offering co-authorship of the report if anecdotes were used. No such solicitation was made for IV treatment success stories.  There has been hot debate on Lyme treatments for decades. The MMWR paper is only one example of bias which is embedded within the CDC. There are many success stories using IV therapy by a Wisconsin Doctor and IDSA founder who disagreed with his colleagues on how to treat Lyme disease.

How many patients would have died without this life-saving therapy?  God only knows, but “authorities” are up to their old tricks with COVID-19 as well – badmouthing any treatment that competes financially with their own (they do this with testing too):

There are many who would profit from this treatment but due to this biased paper and the propaganda it promotes, most doctors are scared to death to treat patients with IV antibiotics. This is just another great example of how doctors who treat Lyme patients have been singled out and crucified on the Lyme crucible and how politics has driven science.

But wait!  This is happening to doctors who speak out on the COVID-19 narrative as well:  Dr. Jensen, also a senator, now finds himself a subject of a state medical board investigation after he spoke out on how hospitals are essentially being bribed to code deaths COVID-19:

This type of censorship seems to be the new normal.

For a great read on chronic Lyme:

Some people are so biased they couldn’t hear truth if it slapped them in the face. They don’t care if there’s a back-story of corruption – if all the research has been rigged for a predetermined outcome.  All they believe in is placebo-controlled, randomized trials in black and white.  Unfortunately, regarding Lyme/MSIDS, those too have been corrupted by “scientists” with conflicts of interest that reads like a rap sheet:

And recently, regarding COVID-19, we’ve learned that in fact scientists can be flat-out wrong, have conflicts of interest, AND lie:

Regarding research on Lyme treatment, many crucial nuances that will determine outcome – just like with COVID treatment, are not followed in study parameters – which will purposely give a poor outcome:

Hopefully, these facts are enlightening you to the fact that authorities and science are not to be solely trusted.  Both are being used right now to sway people – rather than remaining objective.

Question everything and run things by your practitioner(s) who is/are working on the front-line. Get numerous opinions and then use your God-given brain to make decisions.