Lyme disease almost ended Aaron’s life; he was on the edge of doing the unthinkable because of his condition. If it were not for his young daughter, and the hope she gave him, Aaron might not be here today. Even though he wanted to end it all, he wanted to walk his daughter down the aisle more. Now, Aaron is looking forward to a bright future with his daughter.

Aaron suspects he contracted Lyme disease from tick bites he received while perusing his work as a wildlife photographer. In 2006 Aaron began to notice symptoms. He began to slow down and work was getting harder and harder. By 2008 the fatigue was undeniable and by 2010 Lyme disease had all but destroyed Aaron’s life. His symptoms had increased and multiplied; he was experiencing terrible muscle and joint pain, swelling, fatigue, and brain fog. Aaron had to quit working and was bedridden for two years while he desperately looked for answers.

He made the-all-to-familiar and frustrating rounds-jumping from doctor to doctor treatment to treatment–with no results. Eventually he found a Doctor in Missouri that diagnosed him with Lyme disease, and he was started on oral antibiotics. Aaron began to feel better but this only lasted 4-6 weeks until he went to Envita Medical Center.



Unfortunately, I think nearly every patient has been to this breaking point.  Lyme/MSIDS will sift you like wheat.

I’m thankful that there are these testimonials.  When you become side-lined by a complex, misunderstood illness that mainstream medicine frankly denies, you question your own sanity.  It puts you in a horribly isolated place where even family and friends don’t believe you.  Patients need to hear from others on this same albeit different journey.  I highly recommend getting to a local support group.

Good, effective treatment is imperative – and the sooner the better.  If you suspect tick-borne illness, please contact your local Lyme support group today for help.  Mainstream medicine is woefully uneducated about tick-borne illness.  Save yourself time, money, and anguish and get to a Lyme literate doctor with experience.

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BTW: If you find yourself in a place where Aaron was, don’t hesitate to get help.

Don’t fight this alone. Get help – physically and mentally.  You will be glad you did.
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