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After son’s bout with Lyme disease, woman invents new tick repellent

Friday, June 12th 2020

The formula, called ‘Atlantick’, has been found to be 97.5 per cent effective.

It’s been four years now since Darian Wallet suddenly became unable to move his legs without severe pain in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. It lasted for months, forced him to use a walker, and worst of all, doctors couldn’t determine why. In his words: “It was terrible.”

His mother, Lisa Ali, thought it could be juvenile arthritis, but she pushed to get a test for Lyme disease and her suspicions were right: it was the result of a tick bite. Darian’s brother had it too.

“When you see your child because he’s in that much pain and you don’t know what’s going on, that really kind of wakes your system up and puts you in ‘oh my God, I have to do something about this’ mode,” she says.

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