Corey May: Mystery complicates Lyme disease treatment

On Sept. 22, 2015, I received a kidney transplant at Allegheny General Hospital. Ever since, I have done everything within my power to be grateful for and reverent to my new kidney, which has served me well — until now. It is under attack.

Even with total clothing cover, I got bit by a nymph deer tick, the size of a pinhead. Today, Lyme disease had turned my health upside down. This is only partially because of the antibiotic resistance to the coinfections of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites that ticks carry; it is also because of the lack of doctors in the Pittsburgh area qualified to treat the complications. (See link for article)



Important quote:

Even in Pittsburgh, one of the greatest medical cities in the world, you are left alone to figure out a myriad infection like Lyme disease.

The main reason for the lack of qualified doctors is because the same CDC in charge of the current COVID-19 health fiasco is ALSO in charge of setting up Lyme/MSIDS treatment guidelines which doctors follow.  They use antiquated and biased science which has harmed thousands upon thousands of patients.

Also, due to this ‘iron curtain,’ doctors who depart from the controlled narrative are sought out and persecuted:  This has happened in nearly every state in the U.S. as well as worldwide.

Yet, these same authorities are locking down the entire United States over COVID-19. Ponder this for a moment.

This stone wall has gone on unabated for over 40 years.  Lyme/MSIDS is a true pandemic that is not going away, yet authorities haven’t changed their tune. Research continues to focus on the acute stage of Lyme and completely denies chronic infection, which new research has estimated to be 63% of all who get infected:

Another study shows the chronically infected to be between 40-60% of all patients:

Yet, these authorities, who have been around as long as the disease itself, do asinine studies like this:

And this:

They just can’t get over the EM rash, even though research shows it’s appearance is highly variable and clearance of the rash does not mean the systemic infection has been cleared:


Scott’s study puts that percentage even lower at 9-39%, hardly a symptom to base ALL research upon. If you have the rash, you HAVE Lyme, but if you don’t have the rash you may STILL have Lyme.

Until authorities change their fixed ideas of this disease patients will suffer – just like the one in this article. 
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