Top International Immunologist Trashes CV-19 Lockdown & Masks

Written by John O’Sullivan

No scientist is more qualified to give advice on the pandemic than esteemed award-winning, Irish immunologist, Professor Dolores Cahill.

As a world-leading expert, she debunks the misguided mainstream narrative and explains how lockdown and mask wearing has been the worst possible approach against COVID-19.

The stupidity of mass quarantining any healthy population is that is unnecessarily weakens society’s immune system, according to Professor Cahill and a great many of her fellow professionals.

To combat the risk of  COVID-19 and any infection she urges everyone to pursue the protective benefits of Vitamins C, D and Zinc. In addition, she explains why Hydroxychloroquine is being used successfully to defeat the disease. It is also posted here.

Video: Dolores Cahill And Del Bigtree On The Covid19 Fraud

Watch the 35-minute video interview.

  • Around 11 mins Prof.Cahill says the virus isn’t as dangerous as is claimed and that in 10 days, it’s out of your system for ever.
  • At 20 minutes she references  HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE.
  • At 35 mins, Prof.Cahill says there is NO NEED FOR SOCIAL DISTANCING OR A VACCINE.

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About Professor Cahill:

Professor Dolores Cahill has degree is in molecular genetics and her PhD is in immunology where she was using antibodies and making libraries to try and improve the outcomes in cancer. She also spent eight years in the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, where she led a group and developed technology that could look the specificity of antibodies and different diagnostic assays to diagnose autoimmune diseases. And, for example, with virus patients look at whether they were exposed to a virus or not.

Her team back in the 90s looked at published antibodies and found that a lot of what was published was not necessarily correct. They were involved in correcting a lot of published research. Her research was quite disruptive at the time, and she quickly got awards from the German Minister for science and then was on the German Advisory Science Council, advising funding agencies the BAE and AF and still does 20 years later, and on the Advisory Science Council here for the Strategy for Science Technology and Innovation (Ireland).

She was nominated to represent Ireland on the Scientific Committee for the Innovative Medicines Initiative in the European Union and since 2016 became vice chair. She was also involved in developing the meningitis B vaccine for Africa. She also worked in a class 4 bio lab. She has been working with a doctor who is advising the White House particularly on protocols for prevention and treatment such as hydroxychloroquine.

PRINCIPIA SCIENTIFIC INTERNATIONAL, legally registered in the UK as a company incorporated for charitable purposes. Head Office: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX. 



Cahill is looking at legal action against the Irish government for making policy that is harming people.  She states that there should be a public debate which includes not only those making policy but scientists who thinks like she does to hold authorities accountable.  We should do the same.

Most importantly she states we should make sure that this NEVER happens again.  I concur.  Get a copy of “Virus Mania,” and you will see that there has been a historical trend which rose to a fever-pitch draconian policy with COVID-19, but it’s been done many times before. Our grandmas were right: A virus just runs its course.

On the other hand, we should demand that bioweapon labs be shut down and scientists prosecuted:

For more:  Research on face masks within.

BTW: the attack on HCQ continues unabated.





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