FDA orders Bill Gates-funded program to HALT at-home Covid-19 self-testing

13 May, 2020 
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered a Seattle-based Covid-19 testing project funded by Bill Gates to stop screening for the virus, putting the program on ice as it provided hundreds of at-home test kits each day.

The billionaire Microsoft icon announced the initiative in a blog post this week – dubbed the Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network, or SCAN – which he said was already distributing some 300 test kits on a daily basis. As of Wednesday, however, all links to the project’s website redirect to a notice stating its operations are “currently paused” due to a conflict with the FDA.

“SCAN has been operating under an emergency use authorization (EUA) from the Washington State Department of Health,” the notice says, adding that while the FDA has allowed states to approve new Covid-19 tests, “we have been notified that under revised guidance issued on May 8th, a separate federal EUA is now required” to continue testing.  (See link for article)



I’m sure Gates will iron this all out by infusing money somewhere and all will be forgiven.  He’s done this before:

To read about the inaccuracy of COVID-19 testing:

Please remember that COVID-19 testing is as bad as Lyme disease testing. Authorities are basing everything upon this faulty testing, just like they do for Lyme – but it’s all a mirage.