Strawberry tongue caused by Kawasaki Disease.

Recently, media outlets have reported on children ill with a Kawasaki-like illness and are connecting it to COVID-19:  

“I will caution that there are many things that look similar to Kawasaki disease, It could be that what they’re calling Kawasaki is not Kawasaki but an inflammatory disease caused by the coronavirus.” Dr. Frank Esper, a physician at the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Center for Pediatric Infectious Diseases.

But here we are told it’s a “done deal,” and that the only way you can diagnose it is through antibody testing.

Oh really?

You mean the PCR test that the president of Tanzania proved is worthless, the PCR creator stated was never to be used for diagnosis, and the PCR test David Crowe points out isn’t binary (negative/positive), has an arbitrary cutoff, and that people went from positive to negative and back to positive againsometimes several times over?  

That PCR test?

Crowe also points out that what we are experiencing is an epidemic by definition, and are in a massive delusion based on the belief that a test for RNA is a test for a deadly new virus. Remember,

“If the [COVID-19] virus exists, then it should be possible to purify viral particles. From these particles RNA can be extracted and should match the RNA used in the test. Until this is done it is possible that the RNA comes from another source, which could be the cells of the patient, bacteria, fungi etc. There might be an association with elevated levels of RNA and illness, but that is not proof that the RNA is from a virus. Without purification and characterization of virus particles, it cannot be accepted that an RNA test is proof that a virus is present.”  David Crowe

When I quizzed Crowe about what they have found, he stated that they took impure material, called it ‘virus’ added it to a cell culture and observed cell death. This is not the same as having a purified virus.

If you read about COVID-19 at all, you realize quickly that it seemingly has none of its own symptoms. Uncountable viruses, bacteria, and environmental toxins cause fever, cough, and abnormal lung images. They also keep adding to a never ending list of symptoms that have nothing to do with coronaviruses such as heart issues, stroke, body-wide buzzing sensations, and DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation). Now they are trying to push a Kawasaki-like disease into the tsunami.

COVID-19 is quickly becoming like the historical diagnosis of Consumption.

If you don’t know what it is – blame COVID-19.  COVID-19 does everything, don’t you know?

This informative article states doctors are calling the new inflammatory syndrome, “pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome”(PIMS) and that these children are displaying some symptoms (fever, rash and eye redness) that are generic not just to KD but also to many childhood illnesses and to vaccine reactions.  Interestingly, package inserts for both rotavirus vaccines licensed in the U.S. list KD as a serious adverse event.

That’s an inconvenient truth for authorities wanting to blame everything on COVID-19.

The connection between at least one coronavirus and KD was debunked in 2005.

Kawasaki Disease & Coronavirus (HCoV-NL63)

We’ve learned that some of our community members have expressed concerns about a past coronavirus and Kawasaki disease. Some of you may recall several years ago researchers, Esper et al.’s announced a link between a different coronavirus (HCoV-NL63) and KD (source 1).

The study identified 53 children who had received a diagnosis of KD between October 2001 and April 2004. Of the 11 children studied, 10 met the criteria for classic KD, of whom 8 tested positive for HCoV-Nl63. The human coronavirus HCoV-NL63 or the “New Haven coronavirus” was detected in patients suffering from respiratory disease, with a frequency of up to 7% in January 2003 (source 2). HCoV infections may account for ≈35% of common colds in adults and ≈2% of influenza-like illnesses in patients of all age groups consulting their general physician (source 3).

The study suggesting an association between the “New Haven coronavirus” and Kawasaki disease was subsequently debunked.

In fact, a study conducted by Dr. Jane C. Burns from the University of California San Diego, and other researchers, concluded that there was no association between the detection of HCoV-NL63 genome in the respiratory tract and acute KD. This was found after the study tested a total of 57 samples from 48 KD patients and found that only one of the 48 KD patients (2%) was positive for HCoV-NL63.

“This patient met 4 of 5 classic clinical criteria for KD, but also exhibited symptoms of an upper respiratory tract infection, with cough and coryza which are rare symptoms for KD but common symptoms for HCoV-NL63 infection. Furthermore, although this patient responded with complete defervescence after administration of intravenous gamma globulin and aspirin that are common treatments for KD, his respiratory symptoms persisted. These results suggest that this KD patient was likely co-infected with HCoV-NL63 (source 4).”

An additional study found that the results suggested by Esper et al.’s may be coincidental and that HCoV-NH did not play a dominant role in the etiology or pathogenesis of KD (source 5).

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Again, this comes to mind:

And the data is in:  Reopening schools in Denmark did NOT worsen the outbreak.  Children are rarely affected by COVID-19.

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