Infected Ixodes ricinus ticks are attracted by electromagnetic radiation of 900 MHz

March 19, 2020


The electromagnetic field (EMF) is known to influence functions of the nervous, cardiovascular and reproductive systems of many animals, including ticks. The aim of this study was to test the behavior of ticks in the presence of radio-frequency EMF. For testing, 160 adult male and 140 adult female unfed Ixodes ricinus ticks were used. Individuals were exposed to 900 MHz EMF in the Radiation–Shielded Tube (RST). Ticks were attracted to the irradiated area. This effect was significantly stronger for ticks infected with Rickettsia spp., suggesting that pathogens can alter the ticks’ response to environmental stimuli.

These results lead to the question of whether man-made EMF may have an impact on I. ricinus activity and, as such, be a contributing factor to the ongoing changes in the distribution of the tick and its pathogens currently observed in Europe and elsewhere.



Great work here and exposes yet another reason we should be concerned about EMF and 5-G rollout. This adds a fly into the ointment of all of those who want to blame the climate for tick and pathogen distribution. It certainly doesn’t fit the accepted narrative, but could very well turn out to be a major contributing factor to tick movement.  Independent research has proven the climate to be a moot point regarding ticks:

Mainstream medicine is in complete denial about the effects of EMF on the human body. Lyme/MSIDS patients once again are told that their sensitivity to it is “all in their heads.” For those that look; however, there’s much to indicate we should be quite concerned about EMF: and

We should also be especially concerned now due to 5G being fast-tracked due to COVID-19: (It’s under the pretext of surveillance for public health, but will not only infringe upon civil rights but will cause harm to living cells.)

I’m extremely thankful for those who dare to tread down a path that others are probably laughing at, but all we have to do is look at the recent history with Alzheimer’s research to learn a valuable lesson IF we actually learn from it:

Alzheimer’s has a Cabal similarly to Lyme in that research has been hijacked by a group of individuals with blinders on (or vested interests or both).  According to Norins, the 2017 Alzheimer’s Association had a conference in London where researchers from 70 countries could share progress.  A keyword index of the presentations showed the largest entries:

  • 110 entries were for amyloid/APP
  • 85 entries for tau, the tangled protein
  • 45 entries for Inflammation—the body’s reaction to something

Presentations of germ importance had only single digit presence:

  • 8 entries for prion proteins
  • 4 entries for infectious disease 
  • entry for bacteria 
  • Virus was not even listed as a keyword

For more on 5G:  (More links within)

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