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April 21, 2020

This video is about a free webinar that was recorded on April 16, 2020. With Dr. Daniel Cameron, one of the foremost authorities on Lyme and tick-borne illness, and Jennifer Crystal, noted Lyme patient and writer, on COVID-19 and Lyme disease.

The webinar is moderated by GLA’s Director of Education & Outreach, Sara Tyghter. People had a chance to submit questions in advance to be answered by the panel. Brought to you by Global Lyme Alliance.

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Please note Jennifer tested negative for COVID-19.

She states that her primary care doctor stated there’s a lot of false negatives and Jennifer states there’s a 30% false negative rate.  I posted on that here: as well as the fact that it was recently discovered that the CDC’s test is contaminated WITH COVID-19, rendering it useless:

She also states she was on hydroxychloroquine at the time of testing which could have skewed the results, but clinically she had all the COVID-19 symptoms.

She initially had vomiting, fever, cough, and shortness of breath.  Six days after being fever-free, the fever came back as well as the shortness of breath. At about week 3 she lost her sense of taste and smell. Her fever came and left 5 times. She is tracking an improvement of symptoms over time. Overall, she’s been fighting it about a month.

At about 9:00 Dr. Cameron speaks about testing. He states that it’s important where they take the swab as the virus can harbor in different locations. He also discusses until a good antibody test is available, COVID-19 patients, similarly to Lyme patients, need to be clinically diagnosed.

Dr. Cameron has not had any Lyme/MSIDS patient with COVID-19 be hospitalized.  He states typically Lyme patients are ill with COVID-19 for 10-15 days.  He has seen a range in severity within patients.

He is not convinced Lyme/MSIDS patients are more likely to get COVID-19.

Cameron also states that Lyme patients are ahead of the curve as they have already learned so much about health, isolation, the lack of answers by doctors, etc. while in the journey of Lyme/MSIDS.

At around 24:00 he expresses concerns about the potential of chronic issues with those who recover from COVID-19.  He says to “stay tuned.”

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