06 APR 2020
By  Dorothy Kupcha Leland
For another Chronic Lyme patient who had COVID-19:

The first patient to speak is Representative Karen Whitsett who credits President Trump’s promotion of a malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, with her recovery from coronavirus. Other COVID-19 survivors also speak after her at the White House. During their informal discussions, Rep. Whitsett, who had a severe case of  COVID-19, brought up her chronic Lyme disease as an underlying condition. Throughout the 41-minute meeting, President Trump highlighted how serious and devastating Lyme disease is, stating that it “can kill you.”


Although the following patient DID NOT have COVID-19, her Lyme disease herxes made her think she might have had it.

Is it COVID-19 or a Lyme disease herx? One woman’s story.