Approx. 1 hour 20 min.

Jenna Luche Thayer – Australian Lyme, A Global View

Jenna clearly outlines the multi-layered complexities of the blocks causing difficulty in progressing best practise diagnosis and medical care with Lyme globally. Note: Jenna would also like to add that a Disulfiram protocol has been one of the very hopeful developments for both her and her husband. Jenna really benefited from this generic drug and her husband who was about to go on disability, is now in normal to high function including hiking and kayaking. There is hope for new treatments like this and more.
**Correction**: ‘a number of monkeys died from Ebola in the lab in my (then) home town of Reston VA; but no humans died’
Jenna is truly a force to be reckoned with and the Lyme community is blessed to have her expertise in government corruption.  In this video she explains the complicated saga behind why Lyme patients are not getting coverage for treatment.  In brief it has to do with codes doctors use so patients obtain insurance coverage.  Without these codes, patients will not get coverage.
I’m so thankful she and her husband are doing so well on Disulfiram.  I would like to point out another side; however, so you as patient weigh the risk vs the benefit:


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