Martine McCutcheon health: Star diagnosed with serious infection – symptoms of condition


Martine McCutcheon has been suffering with her illness (Image: Getty)

MARTINE MCCUTCHEON, famous for playing EastEnders’ Tiffany Mitchell, revealed how her health struggle made her life a “living hell”. Battling two conditions, the actress – who also starred in Love Actually – fell into a dark depression trying to manage her illnesses.
Martine McCutcheon, 43, was first diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) in 2011, and then was later diagnosed with Lyme disease. ME is a long-term illness that causes an overwhelming feeling of tiredness, and Lyme disease is an infectious bacterial condition passed on from being bitten by an infected tick…. (See link for article)
This article states England ranks as one of the worst nations in Europe for Lyme disease:  However, it has nothing to do with the climate as the article contends, but rather to migrating birds and the amount of light ticks need to molt (photo period):