Fighting Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) – New Developments in Symptoms Management & Treatment

with Dr. Carolyn Alexander

Nov 7, 2019, 6 PM ET


PCOS is a little understood life changing syndrome. What we know about PCOS are the disturbing symptoms it creates in our bodies, but we only know the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reasons behind why these symptoms occur. Moreover, almost 70% of teenage girls/women remain undiagnosed mainly because they dont understand their symptoms and avoid discussing them. We are talking to Dr Carolyn Alexander of Southern California Reproductive Center, about new developments in PCOS symptom management & treatment and PCOS updates from recently held #ASRM2019 Conference. Dr Alexander has conducted extensive research on PCOS and specializes in the treatment of patients facing the diagnosis of PCOS and infertility. Guiding the discussion from the patient panel will be Ashley Levinson @PCOSgurl who has been advocating for PCOS since the last 20 years. Michelle Schwarz, a PCOS patient and researcher, will also be on the panel to discuss about funding and gaps in research in the field of PCOS.


Dr Carolyn Alexander, Ashley Levinson, Dr Michelle Schwarz, Shweta Mishra



PCOS-like symptoms were my initial symptoms with Lyme/MSIDS.  I imagine there are many more women out there similarly infected but who will never be properly diagnosed as supposedly Lyme/MSIDS isn’t sexually transmitted.

Lida Mattman PhD, and an expert in spirochetes, explains the many ways she has isolated borrelia:


Mattman isolated living Borrelia spirochetes in mosquitoes, fleas, mites, semen, urine, blood, plasma and Cerebral Spinal Fluid. She discovered that this bacteria is dangerous because it can survive and spread without cell wall (L shape). Because L-forms do not possess cell wall, they are resistant to antibiotics that act upon the cell wall.

Others have found various ways Bb is transmitted as well:


As to PCOS, my daughter after years of suffering, finally found an effective treatment with Dr. Lichten who was an OBGYN for 35 years but who switched to hormones after going through male andropause and not being after to find effective help.  For some unknown reason doctors are deathly afraid of hormones and propagate the myth that they are somehow harmful when our own bodies make them.



Lichten has spent 30-years researching how these xeno-estrogens enter the cell. All standard FDA medications only reduce production of normal hormones. Both natural and xeno-estrogens and androgens compete to get in to the cell through the A-R receptor in the cell wall.  Lichten found that naturally occurring, bio-identical nandrolone has 30 times more binding affinity than any estrogen.

*Weekly small dose of nandrolone Works to Stop Pain!

Estrogens stimulate SHBG production that pulls the good nandrolone away, letting estrogens get in.

*Small dose of stanozolol reduces SHBG by 80%!