A center to research, diagnose, and treat tick-borne illness will open its doors this Spring

The Tick-Borne Illness Center of Excellence will begin seeing patients in early 2019.

Located in Minocqua, Wisconsin, the center will offer the following services:

  • Patient-centered approach to diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up
  • Rehab
  • Behavioral Health
  • Pain Management
  • Radiology
  • Capturing data
  • Conducting Research

The Center will be led by Dr. Kogelnick and Dr. Tom Sult.  Dr. Sult will apply Functional Medicine methodology and Dr. Kogelnik will be training him on the application of precision medicine.

The Center will open as a fee-for-service clinic, but will provide patients with paperwork they can submit themselves to their insurance companies.

Community members have already been donating blood samples for use in creating a community baseline for the types & prevalence of tick-borne illness.
“We try to collect as much information about an individual patient. We try to get deep into some of the complexity of what’s gone wrong in this patient’s body as a result of these illnesses and try to fix those,” Dr. Andy explained. “We think pretty far outside the box and are open to lots of different therapies ranging from treating the pathogens directly to treating some of the systems that may have gotten out of kilter. That’s part of looking at the whole patient instead of just that one little corner of that patient.”
“We want the doctor-shopping to stop and to have people simply come here and get the help they need,” Jillayne Waite said. “The staff at this Tick-Borne Illness Center will act as the quarterback for their patient’s treatment. In other words, they call the plays by providing and coordinating the care.”

Please consider making a gift to the TBI Center of Excellence by calling 715-439-4005, or online at, or mail to P.O. Box 470, Woodruff, WI  54568.


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