MyLymeData is now one of the top 5% of patient- driven registries in the nation. It is now an important and irreplaceable source of information about Lyme disease that will continue to grow.

Today we are releasing The MyLymeData 2019 Chart Book. This report is a compilation of our research results based on the over 2.5 million data points we have collected and analyzed within MyLymeData during Phase 1.

Many of the data points highlighted in the report were previously unknown to the community because so little real-world research on Lyme disease has been conducted. MyLymeData is truly a testament to what can be achieved when patients pool their data to help find a cure.

Your participation in this type of research has been invaluable. We truly couldn’t do it without you.

MyLymeData Highlights Presentation by Lorraine Johnson, JD, MBA

For those just tuning in, MYLYMEDATA is information collected about patients through surveys:

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