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LYMEPOLICYWONK: Presentation at MyLymeData2018

Wondering if medical marijuana is effective at controlling the pain associated with Lyme disease? How other patients are treating their fatigue and insomnia? Which treatments have the most side effects?

Watch the presentation from MyLymeData2018 conference to find out.

With over 11,000 participants enrolled, the MyLymeData project is already giving us the answers to the fundamental questions that sick patients want to know. It collects information about the actual experience of Lyme patients–their symptoms, their treatments, what has helped and what hasn’t. This helps researchers target what’s most important–and helps us all learn from each other.

If you are already a member of MyLymeData, we thank you for your continued partnership. If you have Lyme or have had it at any time in the past, please join and help us communicate to academic researchers, scientists and policy makers. We look forward to continuing this vital research.

Lorraine Johnson, JD, MBA, is the Chief Executive Officer of You can contact her at On Twitter, follow her @lymepolicywonk. If you have not signed up for our patient-centered big data project, MyLymeData, please register now.


If you haven’t joined MyLymeData, I encourage you to do so.  The information gathered is the first of its kind and is often the ONLY information gathered on those affected chronically/persistently.  You can also access direct information on the most effective treatments according to patients.  

If you want to skip to the latest info go to 15:20.  Johnson admits that the patient group is by and large those chronically affected.

For example, 60% who took the survey were diagnosed with a coinfection.

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