Episode 65: Lyme Disease and Corruption in Our Healthcare System

Cindy Kennedy, FNP, is joined by Jenna Luché-Thayer, who discusses Lyme disease and corruption in the healthcare system.Jenna is a uniquely qualified expert on the vital issues of transparency and accountability, human rights and the political representation of marginalized groups. She has over 30 years of policy and grassroots experience in 42 countries, representing all regions throughout the world, and over 75 publications.

She was the first woman to hold critical Senior advisory posts in both United Nations and U.S. government, has dedicated years combatting gender-based violence, trafficking and gender-based inequities.

Jenna established the Ad Hoc Committee for Health Equity in ICD11 Borreliosis Codes, an international, professional and all voluntary group that successful added many codes to signify Lyme borreliosis complications to the globally utilized ICD11.

Her awards include: International Woman’s Day Award for Exemplary Dedication and Contributions to Improving the Political and Legal Status of Women, Highest Ranking Technical Area in Accomplishment, Innovation and Comparative Advantage for United Nations Capital Development Fund, the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society Power of Lyme Award 2018. She is the Founder of the Global Network on Institutional Discrimination, a nonprofit that helps institutions remedy entrenched practices of discrimination and cruelty toward vulnerable groups.


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