Seek North + Global Lyme Alliance: The Fight Against Lyme Disease

Seek North and the Global Lyme Alliance become partners in the fight

Lyme Disease affects 427,000 people a year. Our Seek North co-founder was one of them. How we’re fighting back with GLA’s help.

Lyme disease is an illness cause by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, contracted through the bite of an infected blacklegged (deer) tick. The disease varies by stage from early (acute) to late (post treatment, chronic or neurological). Early-stage Lyme disease may present with flu-like symptoms, a rash and headaches. Late-stage Lyme disease can affect multiple organs, including joints, heart, brain and other parts of the central nervous system; and in rare cases, cause death.

julian-lesser-glaCo-founder, Julian Lesser, climbing at Mohonk Mountain.

This is exactly what happened to our co-founder, Julian Lesser, and took a year and a half to properly diagnose and treat. During the long fight, founders Julian, and Philippe Trinh, decided to get serious about self-care and whole body health, specifically focusing on the immune system. This led their attention to gut health, where 70-80% of your immune tissue is housed, and Philippe’s experimentation with kombucha, thus following countless experiments, flavor creations, outright obsession, and the birth of Seek North.

We didn’t just want to make another kombucha company, we were on a mission. We wanted to take better care of ourselves, and encourage everyone to do the same. We wanted to give back the things that were important to us, the goals and ideals that kept driving us through our toughest times. Once we established our dreams, we wanted to give back too.

This is why we are beyond excited to share that we have decided to partner with the leading Lyme Disease non-profit, Global Lyme Alliance (GLA) donating a portion of our proceeds to conquering Lyme Disease through research, education, and awareness.

The Global Lyme Alliance is one of the most respected Lyme non-profits in the country, contributing not only with funding to research, physician and public education, but holding large scale fundraising galas, fueling small grassroots movements, and supporting research that has made game-changing strides in this fight. We couldn’t be more proud to call them our friends and partners in this.


If you’d like more education on what Lyme disease is and what GLA does, visit From there, you can read about their organization, get the latest updates, read about exciting research, find physicians versed in the treatment of Lyme, donate and support them yourself, and plenty more.

To learn more about Lyme disease stages and what symptoms to look out for? Click here to learn more.

We’re so happy for this chapter in our mission. We couldn’t think of a better family – you, and GLA –  to be joining us in helping our little bottles that could to make a big difference.