Approx. 3.5 Min

Del Bigtree unloaded some major truth bombs in front of the recent ACIP CDC meetings. Despite this truth, these Pharma trolls approved all the new vaccines including anthrax for children. It’s a must watch.

All he needed was a microphone to drop at the end.

For more:

The elites refuse vaccines for their own children:

There is only ONE study on vaccinated vs unvaccinated children:  Excerpt:

The first peer-reviewed study comparing health outcomes of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children implicates vaccines in a host of chronic illnesses. found no significant differences in rates of vaccine-preventable illnesses like hepatitis A or B, measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, meningitis or rotavirus.  As would be expected, vaccinated children did have lower likelihood of two vaccine-preventable illnesses compared to unvaccinated children: chicken pox (7.9% vs. 25.3%), and pertussis (2.5% vs. 8.4%).

The study suggests that fully vaccinated children may be trading the prevention of certain acute illnesses (chicken pox, pertussis) for more chronic illnesses and neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD and Autism. The scientists also found that children born prematurely, who were vaccinated, were 6.6 times more likely to have a neurodevelopmental disorder.



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