Three children in Pakistan became critically ill and died a day after they were vaccinated with the measles vaccine in the city of Nawabshah.

The parents of the three dead children have reportedly said that a female health worker visited their homes in the Saeedabad area of Nawabshah on March 3 and administered the measles vaccines against their will.2 According to one of the parents:

Their [children’s] condition started deteriorating shortly afterward and we rushed them to the hospital.3

In January, a baby in Kenya died after receiving the measles vaccine and four other babies became critically ill.5

In August 2017, two young girls in India died after they received the measles and rubella vaccine.6 In May 2017, fifteen children in South Sudan died after being vaccinated with the measles vaccine.7   Two babies have died and seven others were hospitalized following vaccination at a clinic near Karnataka’s Mandya district in India.1 The children were injected from the same vial of a pentavalent vaccine that administers five different vaccines in one shot. The combination vaccine, which includes vaccines for diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, hepatitis B and haemophilus influenza type b (Hib), is traditionally given at six, 10, and 14 weeks of age.

These most recent deaths are not the only casualties associated with India’s vaccine program. Another batch of the pentavalent vaccine was withdrawn in November of 2015 after a two-month old girl died just hours after vaccination.3

Reports abound of many other infant deaths occurring after vaccination in India. Data from the Right to Information Act show that 128 children died in 2010 from adverse reaction to a vaccine, though actual numbers are probably much higher. 

Coincidentally, the number of deaths increased dramatically the year after “the government closed down all three public sector vaccine units and began buying from private suppliers,” going from 32 in 2007 to 111 in 2008.4

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