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Jan. 2018

Marty Ross MD LLMD describes how to overcome obstacles to getting a Lyme diagnosis like how to find a doctor to help you or what the best and lowest cost test is. Read more helpful articles about how to treat and diagnose Lyme at

Ross states emphatically it’s possible to have Lyme and test negative.

Dr. Ross uses the Horowitz Lyme/MSIDS Questionnaire:

If you are concerned you may be infected, please print and fill this out.  Tell others about this questionnaire as it really is a great document to help you figure things out.  Take it with you to your doctor appointment.

Ross states that in his practice about 15% of sexual partners both have Lyme, indicating the need to consider it as a STD.  For more:

He also points out he sees it in families and suggests there is a genetic component.  I would also add that I feel there are probably many ways to contract it but the studies are lacking or are old.  Bb is fastidious and extremely tough to study in the lab:  (Breast milk, semen, vaginal secretions, congenitally, urine, saliva, and other modes)

Ross has found that 30% of his chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia patients also have Lyme.

At about 13:00 he talks about Lyme testing.  

He says the CDC 2-tiered testing is worthless and a waste of money. 

He talks about using an antibiotic challenge which is using antibiotics for 3 weeks before testing so the immune system has a stronger reaction and can be picked up on the test.

To read about IGeneX testing:

New tests:  The following review by Dr. Ross on Lyme testing includes the new tests from IGenex.  Ross advises caution on DNA Connexions.  He also does NOT include the CD-57 test as it only shows immune suppression which may or may not be caused by a Lyme infection.  Please go to link for a detailed explanation of all the available tests.

Although tests are helpful they are far from perfect.  The toughest part of my job is convincing patients that testing may NEVER be positive and yet a person can be infected.  Having a positive test somehow validates to a person that the are sick.  For Lyme/MSIDS, that paradigm just isn’t true and you must shift your thinking to a symptom-based illness that defies testing.  

There are plenty of us that believe you out here in Lyme Land!

In the video Ross recommends taking the specific test you want taken to your doctor and circle the exact test(s) you want.  Show them the validation/accuracy numbers so they can see the results.

Before you attempt that, read this first:

Unfortunately, doctors at this point in time are brain-washed into thinking the only valid tests are the CDC-two-tiered testing.  They’ve been taught that any other lab out there is using “home brewed” tests and equivalent to quackery.

More on testing:

For an excellent article on testing by Dr. Ross:  This is covered in Ross’s The Treat Lyme Book and is by subscription only (monthly, for a year, or for $30 you have unlimited access and will be able to read on many topics.  Highly recommended)





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