Patients with Lyme/MSIDS are often sensitive to many things and have to remove them before they begin to heal.  Mold is one such item on the often long list.

My own personal experience with a reaction to mold happened pre-Lyme/MSIDS, thankfully, so I was aware of how devastating it can be for many people.  I was sick a lot.  Finally, we discovered mold and moved but the next place had it as well.  Once I got out of the moldy environment my body no longer was susceptible to every little illness.  I couldn’t believe the difference.

Published on Oct 27, 2017

Why You Should Listen:
In this episode, you will learn about illness resulting from water-damaged buildings and the importance of the environment on our health.
About My Guest: My guest for this episode is Andrea Fabry. Andrea Fabry is a former journalist, a radio host, and the mother of nine children. Her road to awareness began in 2008 when a serious toxic mold exposure compromised her entire family’s health. She is the Founder and President of momsAWARE’s mission is to provide practical assistance to families and individuals displaced by toxic mold, and to raise public awareness of the negative impact of toxic mold, chemicals, pesticides, and other environmental hazards on human health. Andrea is certified in the field of Building Biology and is passionate about the overuse of chemicals, the disregard for indoor environmental issues, and the proliferation of electromagnetic radiation. Her story is available on her blog “It Takes Time” at She currently resides in Vail, AZ, with her husband, Chris, and four of their children. She authored the book “Is Your House Making You Sick: A Beginner’s Guide to Toxic Mold” which is available on
Key Takeaways: – How was Andrea’s family impacted by illness resulting from water-damaged buildings? – What factors lead to the growth of mold in an indoor environment? – What options may be helpful for testing for the potential of mold in the environment? – When mold is visible, how should it be cleaned? – What should one look for to find a good inspector and/or remediator? – When should one consider moving as opposed to remediation? – Might ozone or fogging solutions be helpful? – What should not be taken with you from a moldy environment to a new environment to minimize cross-contamination? – What treatment options were helpful? – Is it possible that the exposure to environmental mold leads to a colonization within the body? – Why is it important to reduce our exposure to EMFs to optimize wellness? – What are the top ten things Andrea learned the hard way?
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Guide to Toxic Mold –
Why you should not use bleach to clean up mold.  What air filters she recommends.  Her four step approach to healing.  What other infections and chemical exposures she looks for.  What natural and pharmaceutical medications she uses.  How to test to see if you have mold and the genes that make you susceptible.
Make sure to replace your pillows periodically.  They can harbor mold.


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