Tonight – Ask Dr. Rawls

Join Dr. Bill Rawls for a live webinar tonight,​ Wednesday, November 8th from 8-9pm EST for a special live Q&A webinar about Lyme disease. You’ve got questions, Dr. Rawls has answers.

Dr. Bill Rawls will cover many NEW common and uncommon questions about Lyme disease, including:
What are the risks and benefits of silver treatments?
Are CD57 levels useful in gauging Lyme?
Is a negative blood test sufficient indication of Lyme recovery?
How should one approach neurological aspects of Lyme?
How does one deal with coinfections?
What’s the most successful treatment for Chronic Lyme disease?
Why aren’t most physicians more educated about Lyme?
Plus more questions from the live audience
Bring all of your questions – nothing is off limits!

Bonus: There will be a special offer at the end, so make sure to stay until all questions are answered.

P.S. If you have any questions about the webinar, call us at 800-951-2414.