Vaccine Awareness Week

Everyone needs to consider what they put into their body; however, those with Lyme/MSIDS need to be especially informed and cautious as our bodies are in a war of epic proportions.

This week from November 5-11, 2017 and the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) are co-sponsoring the Eighth Annual Vaccine Awareness Week (VAW), a week dedicated to raising awareness about vaccines and informed consent rights. With all the uncertainty surrounding the risks and failures of vaccines, it’s critical to protect your legal right to make independent health choices and exercise voluntary informed consent to vaccination. It is urgent that everyone stand up and fight to protect flexible medical, religious and conscientious belief vaccine exemptions and expand informed consent protections in state public health and employment laws.

In that effort, please take the quiz to see how much you know.

True or False? How Much Do You Know about Vaccine Risk?
by jameslyonsweiler

  • The TdaP vaccine prevents pertussis infection. A: FALSE
  • The majority of vaccine adverse reactions which occur are reported. A: FALSE
  • 40 healthy screened girls died in Gardasil clinical trials. A: TRUE
  • Vaccines are required for school attendance in the United States? A: FALSE Exemptions are available in all States.
  • The National Vaccine Injury Compensation has paid out over $3.7 billion dollars to the vaccine injured and their families’ (proven cases only). A: TRUE
  • FLULAVAL was tested against Hep A vaccine, not against placebo. A: TRUE
  • Merck used Aluminum (a known neurotoxin) as a placebo in Gardasil clinical trials. A: True!
  • The Salk Polio vaccine was scrapped after it became evident it contained live polio virus. A:TRUE
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics advocates for legislation in states to do away with nonmedical exemptions. A: TRUE
  • Vaccines are rigorously tested for safety prior to release on the market. A: FALSE
  • The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 mandated that vaccines be made safer. A: TRUE
  • The US Supreme Court ruled that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe“. A: TRUE
  • You can’t sue your doctor, or a vaccine manufacturer, for vaccine injuries. A: TRUE
  • If you’re injured by a vaccine, you have to sue the US Govt  A: TRUE
  • Vaccine injury risk rates are 1:1,000,000. A: WE DON’T KNOW THE ACTUAL RATES.
  • HPV Vaccines were thoroughly tested with saline placebo. A: FALSE. Most studies used aluminum hydroxide Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate, a potent neurotoxin.
  • CDC Vaccine Information Sheets contain all the information on vaccine risk. A: FALSE
  • Pediatric practices don’t make money from vaccines. A: FALSE, in a big way.
  • Anyone who speaks about vaccine risk is “anti-vax”. A: FALSE
  • You get more aluminum from food than from vaccines. A: FALSE, 0-6 years, considering body weight.
  • Ethyl mercury (in thimerosal) is cleared from the body faster than methyl mercury: FALSE
  • Aluminum is a neurotoxin. A: TRUE
  • Aluminum is a nutrient. A: FALSE. Dr. Offit made that up.
  • Vaccines can cause febrile seizures. A: TRUE
  • Vaccines can cause autoimmunity. A: TRUE
  • Vaccines can cause food allergies: A: TRUE
  • VAERS is a reliable and accurate source of rates of vaccine injury. A: FALSE >1% of injuries are reported.
  • Vaccines given in pregnancy are tested for miscarriage rates before being used. A: FALSE.
  • Merck is currently being sued for allegedly tampering with mumps vaccine data. A: TRUE. Rabbit Antibodies
  • The committee that adds vaccines to the schedule clear of financial conflicts of interest. A: FALSE. COIs are ALLOWED.
  • Aluminum in vaccines does not cross the blood-brain barrier. A: FALSE. See Chris Exley’s research.
  • Unvaccinated Kids Have less Pneumonia, Ear Infections, Allergies and Neurodevelopmental Disorders : TRUE #mawsonstudy
  • CDC had, before 2003, and still has data supporting the link b/t vax + neurodevelopmental disorders, secretively kept from the public. TRUE #cdctruth
  • HPV Vaccine reduces the prevalance of HPV Infection A: FALSE. Only vaccine-targeted types are reduced. #vaxwithme
  • Doctors do not vaccinate patients from subgroups excluded from vaccine studies because safety is known for them. A: FALSE
  • Dr Wakefield’s retracted paper claimed MMR vaccine causes autism. A: FALSE They PROPOSED the idea+said more data was needed.
  • The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986 mandated that groups susceptible to injury be identified. A: TRUE
  • The safety of using more than one vaccine per day has been tested, and found to be safe. A: FALSE, see
  • CDC and Pharma met in an illegal meeting in Simpsonwood, GA to hide risks of developmental disorders from vaccines. A: TRUE
  • CDC omitted key results from linking MMR to autism from a 2004 study. A: TRUE (watch Vaxxed)
  • No One Knows What Causes Autism. A: FALSE
  • No Study Has Ever Found an Association Between Vaccines and Autism. A: FALSE
  • All vaccines have been tested for asssociation w/autism: A: FALSE
  • Aluminum hydroxide is used to routinely cause autoimmune disorders in animal models. A: TRUE
  • Aluminum hydroxide is used to routinely cause food allergies in animal models. A: TRUE
  • Aluminum hydroxide is used to routinely cause allergic rhinitis in animal models. A: TRUE
  • No one knows how to reduce the risk of vaccine injury. A: FALSE
  • Pediatricians are well-trained in vaccine risk. A: FALSE
  • CDC has publicized advice on how to make the public believe that childhood infections are more dangerous than they are. A: TRUE
  • CDC has repeatedly and consistently worked to minimize the public’s perception of vaccine risk: A: TRUE
  • ACIP, the committee that makes recommendations on vaccines in the pediatric schedule, is free from conflicts of interest. A: FALSE

For a quick read on CDC interagency corruption – vaccine division included, please read:

More on vaccines:


During this week, Dr. Joseph Mercola will double match your donations up to $100,000 to the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), a non-profit charity advocating for vaccine safety and protection of the ethical principle of informed consent to medical risk taking, including vaccine risk taking.

NVIC’s mission since 1982 has been to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths through public education and to defend your legal right to exercise informed consent to vaccination. You can also donate directly to NVIC here:







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