According to this abstract in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine,  the authors state an association between GBS and Lyme is rare; however, the following article states that Epstein-Barr, also known as Mono, is an infection that triggers Guillain-Barre as well as mycoplasma and cytomegalovirus.

Dr. Garth Nicolson states that Mycoplasma is the most common co-infection with Lyme (borrelia).  Cytomegalovirus (herpes virus family) is also a coinfection to LD.

Which leaves EBV.

In Dr. Waisbren’s book, Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease, the majority of his 51 cases of chronic Lyme had high EBV titers.  He also states,

“As will be seen in other cases, the Epstein-Barr virus may be a candidate for a co-infection associated with LD.”  

Waisbren often treated this co-infected patients that had EBV with 1000mg of Valtrex three times a day with good success.  He also used gamma globulin (4cc twice a week).

I think this is another great example of proclaiming something is rare when little research has been done.  Until Lyme patients are routinely tested for GB, I think it unwise to assume a connection is rare.  Researchers need to tread carefully in all things related to TBI’s, understanding that their words have been used against patients for decades.

Time to admit there’s a lot we frankly just don’t know.


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