Bruce Shilton, lawyer and Newmarket Court judge, still suffers brain fog and severe fatigue from a tick bite that occurred over 20 years ago.  While he has accepted he will never return to his law career, he is still waiting for the Ontario health minister to deal with the Lyme Disease epidemic.

Like most of us, he never saw the bite, the bullseye rash, and all his tests came back negative.

Finally, a doctor used a Western Blot from a lab in California that specializes in bacteriology and virology.  The lab that mainstream doctors vilify stating isn’t FDA approved.  

Newsflash:  There aren’t any FDA-approved tests.  There are tests that the FDA has cleared that are equivalent to a test previously cleared, but they don’t have to be effective, safe, or reliable – which they aren’t due to missing 50% of those infected with Lyme.  CLIA certified labs specializing in tick-borne tests; however, are designed to ensure quality lab testing, are required to undergo rigorous certification and are far more sensitive.  For a great presentation on all of this, please see:

Shilton states, We are the lyme lepers of this generation.  They ignore our requests for treatment thinking we are a bunch of whining hypochrondriacs … Patients are left with nothing except chronic illness and ultimately a slow death when the disease finally shuts down an organ or two.”

He wonders, “what will it take to get those in control of the health system to sit up and take notice? …How is it that no politician is willing to step into the fire?”

What indeed.