Posted Apr. 6th, 2017 by Jamie Rothenburger

Soldiers in WWI and even WWII were sidelined by Trench Fever, a strain of Bartonella transmitted from lice that gave them headaches, low back and shin pain, fever, and dizziness. Today, it is a disease of the homeless as well as many Lyme/MSIDS patients.

Bart’s insidiousness stems from the fact it doesn’t stimulate the immune system to mount a defense as it takes over red blood cells. For more:

While many are familiar with Cat Scratch Fever, a common strain of Bart, there are many others, and every species which causes disease in dogs also infects humans.

As the author, Jamie Rothenburger, veterinarian and PhD student at Ontario Veterinary College states, the best prevention of disease is by controlling fleas and ticks as both carry the pathogen, along with transmission from bites and scratches from cats and now deer keds (found in link above on vectors).